Sideline judge rushes in to signal a timeout and stoppage of play.

I chose this first photo because for some reason the position the referee is in intrigues me. The shadow he casts is interesting too.  Having the referee in the foreground really causes the background of the team and the crowd to be at a different angle than normal sports photography.

Texas St. attempts a field goal in the first quarter Saturday.

This second photo is one of my all time favorites of athletic events that I’ve taken. I was trying to get a shot of the football leaving the kicker’s foot, but it still turned out pretty cool. Having the defensive linemen crashing into the offensive linemen makes for an interesting scene. The portion of the stadium in the background looks to be filled as well, which helps make the picture seem to have more importance.


Two girls all bundled up playing on the swing set outside their home.

I was driving by the apartment complex by the old student housing across from the baseball field and saw these little girls playing on swing set. I waited for awhile for them to actually swing and whatnot but they seemed to be in deep conversation about who knows what. Capturing that moment was cool because it makes you think about what on earth they could be discussing.

Members of the Wyoming National Guard carrying the US flag onto Jonah Field for Military Day during the Wyoming vs. Texas St. football game.

This particular photo has a deeper meaning than the others because of what these members of the Wyoming National Guard are doing. They are all carrying a large American flag during halftime of the Texas St. vs. Wyoming football game. That day, September 10th, was Military Day and obviously the day before September 11th. The crowd was in an almost somber mood during this presentation. It was very cool to be apart of this, as the National Guard Band was standing directly behind me and the time of this picture.

The Wyoming offense looks to tack on points on their already big lead in the second half against Texas St.

In this photo, having the players moving into place, shows me that a play is about to happen. I know that they score on this play, so to me it gives off somewhat of an intense feeling. I can sense the intensity on the field. For example, the defensive players are scrambling to get into place and Mazi Ogbanna (#2 for Wyoming) is pointing to the side judge to make sure he is lined up onside. There is a lot going on in this picture, and to me, all the detail is interesting.


My First 5

Here are my photo types:

Brick: Framing

War Memorial Stadium: Contrast

Barn: Create Depth

Steamboat Windchime: Rule Of Thirds

Wheel: Focus

Here are my first 5 photos I chose.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Blog Post #2

The first example of a good story is intruiging to me because of the photography used to tell the story. Coming from Cheyenne, I’ve never seen such flooding or hail of this nature, but to see it happen there through these photos is very accurate. The photo’s also seem to set the tone of the story, creating a dramatic like mood. James Brosher, from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, did a fantastic job. Link

My second example is very different from any other form of multimedia news I’ve seen. It chronicles the First Battalion, 87th Infantry of the 10th Mountain Division over their deployment into Afghanistan from March 2010-March 2011. The NY Times did a great job in incorporating meaningful photos in with video that could easily portray the mood of the soldiers. Having the contrast of photography and video, kept me interested and stimulated visually. Link

My choice for a bad example was one that immediately caught my eye. It was on the front page of the Las Vegas Sun multimedia page and was MISSPELLED! It read “Students moving into UNVL dorms” — Whoops! It should be “UNLV”. So, I began to watch the video and was turned off right away. The tone of the people talking was monotone and very serious, the reporter was boring. I just felt like ti was on Dateline NBC covering a murder, instead of kids moving into the dorms. Not the right attitude. Link

The most engaging features of a successful multimedia story in my opinion is a good set of photos and a video that runs in tune with the given set of photos. A slight description of what the photos are can help too, while the media needs to be consistent with what story the writer is trying to portray. Here is an example of a good photo from the hail story from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

Man shoveling debris from recent hail storm in Cheyenne, WY.

Some distracting aspects of a multimedia story are irrelevant photos. It’s frustrating to me when I watch a video and the reporter interviews somebody who is totally unprepared and doesn’t answer any questions that help me in understanding the point of the story. Off topic interviews and such are highly problematic for me.

My News Diet

Only up until recently, have I started to check the news daily. For awhile, I didn’t read, watch, or listen to the news with any intentions because of the high rate of just sad/depressing news. Because of my love for athletics, I immersed myself only in sports news.

I took News Writing and Reporting a couple semesters ago and that class forced me to pay attention to daily news and current events. So now, I stick to getting my news from online, particularly No real reason why CNN, I suppose I like the layout of the website and whatnot. I do sometimes check because I enjoy the European point of view and aspect to world news. It’s easier to check news from Greece, where my family is from through BBC.

I still don’t watch the news, unless there’s major news that intrigues me. The only politcal tv show I do enjoy however, is Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. Bill is pretty funny and I enjoy the back and forth banter about current issues. It makes it easier for me to watch that way.

Sports news is my go-to, as I get almost all of my news from Twitter. I follow a vast amount of sports reporters who give me news and such at least 10 hours a day, everyday. I also visit numerous websites,,, and I refuse to watch ESPN however, because of it’s lack of journalism integrity the past couple years. I do watch the sporting events on ESPN and Sportscenter sometimes. My favorite news sports talk show is The Dan Patrick Show — as he is my favorite sports news celebrity.