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The purpose of this assignment was to force myself to do interviews and all the work myself. I chose to do my topic on hunting because it’s always interested me, and chose Casey because his knowledge and passion about hunting is incredible. I also chose not to interview anyone else because I really wanted to be the second voice, I wanted it to seem like a real interview where the reporter summarizes it. Working alone on this wasn’t bad, having done it before with John, made it easier. Seemed to go quicker though this time, because I didn’t have to wait for any approval or anything of that sort. So, I suppose I enjoyed doing this by myself more, even though I can’t ever complain about working with John. The photography was easy, as I had already taken the photos on a previous trip to the ranch this summer. I’ve always heard about Casey’s hunting stories while at work but sitting down and asking him questions was even more interesting and worthwhile. I had no problems or difficulties with this project which was a relief since when John and I did it, we could get the SoundSlides to work! The only thing I would change is maybe better pictures, including actual animals.


Blog #10

Both girls did a good job with their interviews. They both made it easy to understand the point of the interview and definitely took some time to carefully edit their audio.

Bridget did a great job with editing her audio. She truly made it sound like there wasn’t any editing done. The transitions were good and smooth. I would tell Bridget that the only thing she could really improve is the background buzzing noise. It was sort of distracting to me, but fairly subtle. I’m not quite sure if the noise was caused by the recorder, or maybe the environment they were recording in. Either way, that is the only complaint I have. Bridget’s Blog

Sarah’s interview was more quiet than Bridget’s. To me, I thought it was probably the recorder, which I understand that we all don’t have good one’s! The interview was good and interesting, however Megan seemed to talk really fast, she could have talked more slowly and clearer. The editing was good with this one as well, but again, there was some background white noise. Since I had to turn the volume up with the interview to hear Megan, that made the white noise louder. Just like Bridget’s blog, the only gripe I have with this interview would be to mute out the white noise in the background. Sarah’s Blog

In doing this assignment, I learned how to correctly edit a story to make the audience understand it better. Obviously I understood every aspect since I did the actual interview, but when the questions aren’t posted, the reader may have a more difficult time understanding it unless it’s edited in a friendly manner. I would definitely tell myself next time to ask questions differently, so that the interviewee doesn’t use filler words and such. That can really diminish an interview.

I do have one wish about changing my post, and that would be to eliminate the “uh’s” from John’s responses. Maybe better preparation could have helped, but I feel as if it was more real this way. I was also very surprised to how easy it was to edit the audio with the use of GarageBand. I definitely recommend that program if available.