Final Cut With John

This exercise was actually very entertaining. I definitely had fun editing and creating this interview and shaping it the way I wanted. Because I used GarageBand, it seemed to be a million times easier. I tried using Audacity and really didn’t like it. GarageBand was more simple and easier to just cut and drag. There is no way I could have gotten the quality project I finished with by using Audacity, it took much less time. I learned a lot about how difficult it truly is to get a perfect interview. There are so many little things that come into play while interviewing somebody. Outside noise, clarity of speech, quality of questions, everything. The questions can either hurt your interviewee by trapping them or surprising them, or they can transition nicely. I learned that a quiet room is integral to getting a clear sounding response. I also learned that filler words such as “uh”, can diminish the quality and clarity of an interview, even as subtle as they seem. I enjoyed the process of editing my interview with John. When I was done, I felt accomplished as if I created something, almost like I feel when I finish an art project or something of the sort. I didn’t enjoy answering the questions while being interviewed, as I was nervous and probably stuttered a little bit, creating a not so good interview. I felt the pressure! I was surprised at how good my interview with John sounded honestly. The study room at Coe we got was a perfect environment, no white noise or anything. We thought about doing it at one of our houses, but between our roommates and other noises going on, this was our best option. I was happily surprised by how well our iPhones’ Voice Memo option worked for these interviews. The sound was great. My one wish for the project was that I could have answered the questions for John better.


5 minutes with John

Interviewing John like this was interesting, it wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be at first, with the recorder in between us. Being able to set the recorder down and to still be able to get the quality sound was huge to me, as if I had to hold it up to his face it would have been more uncomfortable for both of us.  It still seemed to sound real and genuine, not practiced. I was definitely worried it would sound rehearsed. This was a good learning experience in a way that I feel as if I could do this with a complete stranger and push aside the awkward feelings. Because we got a private study room in the library to do this, we were both able to get a genuine silence that would help our interviews out immensely. That was a big step for both of us. I enjoyed hearing John’s answers to questions I really wanted to know, while there wasn’t anything I particularly did not enjoy about this. I wish I could have been able to talk more smoothly, my voice was a tad bit shaky. I did have to start over asking the first question once because I was talking to quickly. I didn’t expect to feel pressure when asking questions, but I did for some odd reason! Other than that, it all went well I thought.

My sounds!

Here is my first go at the numbers recording:

Here is my edited recording of numbers 1 through 10:

My favorite noise I chose to record was my dryer rumbling in my laundry room, for some reason the noise is soothing:

My other noises were; a fan, the shower, vacuum, shoes at work on tiled floor, the wind rustling aspen leaves: