My SoundSlide

The purpose of this assignment was to force myself to do interviews and all the work myself. I chose to do my topic on hunting because it’s always interested me, and chose Casey because his knowledge and passion about hunting is incredible. I also chose not to interview anyone else because I really wanted to be the second voice, I wanted it to seem like a real interview where the reporter summarizes it. Working alone on this wasn’t bad, having done it before with John, made it easier. Seemed to go quicker though this time, because I didn’t have to wait for any approval or anything of that sort. So, I suppose I enjoyed doing this by myself more, even though I can’t ever complain about working with John. The photography was easy, as I had already taken the photos on a previous trip to the ranch this summer. I’ve always heard about Casey’s hunting stories while at work but sitting down and asking him questions was even more interesting and worthwhile. I had no problems or difficulties with this project which was a relief since when John and I did it, we could get the SoundSlides to work! The only thing I would change is maybe better pictures, including actual animals.


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