Soundslides Ideas

Idea #1

  • Comparison of current Wyoming football program to the program in the late 80’s.
  • John and I will get the details on how the program has changed not only talent wise, but that state of college football today compared to 20 years ago.
  • This story is important as the scene of college football is changing as we speak with teams leaving and joining different conferences, and also because football is the number one money maker in college athletics.
  • The three sources that will be used are Tashaun Gipson (current DB), Randy Welniak (former QB), MadDog (current Equipment Manager).

Idea #2

  • The current and ever changing state of college athletics.
  • John and I would get information and opinions on how college athletics has evolved throughout the years. We would go to the top of the athletic department to do so.
  • The story is interesting because college athletics has changed drastically in the past ten years.
  • The sources we would use are Tom Burman (Director of Athletics) and Kevin McKinney (Sr. Associate Athletic Director for External Relations).

Idea #3

  • Joakim Noah and Jeff Van Gundy come to Wyoming.
  • John and I would use soundbites from interviews conducted last Saturday at the Night of Madness here at the university with Joakim and Jeff. We would discuss their motives for attending.
  • This story is very newsworthy because of the high profiles these two men honor. Jeff being an ex-NBA coach and current ESPN analyst, while Joakim is a former two-time NCAA men’s basketball National Champion and current Chicago Bull.
  • The sources would be The Mtn. (Brett Brown) and Coach Larry Shyatt.

1 thought on “Soundslides Ideas

  1. From our discussion on Monday, it seems you were leaning toward Idea #1. I agree because it’s a specific angle for a specific sports story. Idea #2 seems too broad and vague. If you had to do Idea #2, I would give a lot more thought into developing a particular story focus. It’s also missing a third source. Idea #3 is OK, but I don’t think that story worked out as you guys had planned, if I remember correctly.

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