My News Diet

Only up until recently, have I started to check the news daily. For awhile, I didn’t read, watch, or listen to the news with any intentions because of the high rate of just sad/depressing news. Because of my love for athletics, I immersed myself only in sports news.

I took News Writing and Reporting a couple semesters ago and that class forced me to pay attention to daily news and current events. So now, I stick to getting my news from online, particularly No real reason why CNN, I suppose I like the layout of the website and whatnot. I do sometimes check because I enjoy the European point of view and aspect to world news. It’s easier to check news from Greece, where my family is from through BBC.

I still don’t watch the news, unless there’s major news that intrigues me. The only politcal tv show I do enjoy however, is Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. Bill is pretty funny and I enjoy the back and forth banter about current issues. It makes it easier for me to watch that way.

Sports news is my go-to, as I get almost all of my news from Twitter. I follow a vast amount of sports reporters who give me news and such at least 10 hours a day, everyday. I also visit numerous websites,,, and I refuse to watch ESPN however, because of it’s lack of journalism integrity the past couple years. I do watch the sporting events on ESPN and Sportscenter sometimes. My favorite news sports talk show is The Dan Patrick Show — as he is my favorite sports news celebrity.


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